What We Do

Our Values

We are committed to:


We believe each individual has within them the resources to persevere through challenges. It’s our responsibility to identify, nurture and develop those strengths.


We work to engage young people with their own lived experience and to merge that narrative with the narrative of the community as a whole, yielding more confident, integrated individuals.


We value the uniqueness of each individual and their importance to the community as a whole.


We collaboratively engage with all who support young people to encourage social and emotional growth. Social emotional health and resilience are directly related to the ability to make meaningful lasting and equitable relationships.

What We Do

We provide a platform for story exchange. Through communications, arts, and literature we build on age appropriate themes that engage and help children explore their interests.

We listen to and feel each other’s emotions ranging from joy to pride to pain to anger and learn what it means to manage these feelings, big or small.

We open doors through activities that help create and share stories, thus lay the foundation for young people not only to understand themselves and others but also to make connections with the world around them.