SESSION THREE 1-2-3 Summer Sampler “SUMMER HITS”

August 3 – 14
In “Summer Hits” we pull a small bites sampling of the very best in engaging programming from sessions 1 and 2 for MIXED AGES. Each SUMMER HITS session will consist of 4 meetings on Zoom with a 5th POD Shaker Heights meet-up. A POD is up to 2 neighboring Shaker families who have shared connection during quarantine; a Friday POD MEET-UP will include an instructor coming to your yard, and conducting a session LIVE with your POD. (We will pivot in accordance with COVID safety protocols and recommendations. In the event that it is recommended to shelter in place, we will move the POD meet up to a virtual hands-on session.) Kids will receive a weekly bag of materials delivered to their homes. What fun!
POTIONS: Magic meets science in this hands-down favorite. Kids will receive kits of materials, and explore stories through the magic of chemical reactions.
ON THE HUNT: What good story doesn’t employ a mysterious journey? From scavenger and treasure hunts to escape rooms, children solve riddles and uncover puzzle pieces.
PAINT PARTY: What do an egg throw, canvas toss and pendulum have to do with art? Time to get your Jackson Pollack on…
DIY: So much stuff, so little time. Kids invent the darndest things–all in the name of their character’s interests.
August 3, 4, 10, 11 with one live Friday POD meet up day August 7 (scheduled with instructor)
Potions 9 am-10 am
On the Hunt 10 am-11am

August 5, 6, 12, 13 one live Friday POD meet up day August 14 (scheduled with instructor)
Paint Party 9 am-10 am
DIY 10 am-11 am

$40 per family; add $10 if you’d like to pay it forward. We also accept pay-what-you-can.
Venmo @Story-Forum
Story Forum, Inc,
PO Box 202394
Shaker Heights, OH 44122
To register: Please submit the attached Google form and pay via Paypal/Venmo.
Please note: Once payment and registration are received, you will receive an email with further instructions including program associates’ contact information, supplies to have ready, and meet up details. In addition, waivers and emergency release forms will be included to cover any meetups.


We will continue to evaluate as we get more information closer to fall 2020.


Information Coming

Community Programs

Story Forum Partnerships

Story Forum collaborates with area arts organizations to provide exciting opportunities. Our newest venture, Storybuilders Radio Hour, is in partnership with Arts Radio Network and will premiere student created radio plays throughout the summer. Our 1st and 3rds group is also working with Shaker Arts Council to craft stories using local utility box murals as inspiration.


Designed just for “Mids”, 1st and 3rds provides both social and storytelling forums on the first and third Fridays of the month during the school year. Adolescents can sound off in a safe space while eating pizza and producing creative works–quite a feat! Watch for fall offerings.


A Shaker Listening Party celebrating our partnership with Arts Radio Network is in the works for July and August.