The Shaker Century Garden
The Shaker Historical Society & Story Forum in partnership

Historical programming (online and in person) with specialists from many walks of life–anthropology, archaeology, history
Collaborative playwriting sessions–K-12 oriented, but adults invited.

An invitation to our First Annual Potluck Harvest Festival.


We structure our fees to cover the most essential costs of the program. However, we accept fees on a pay-what-you-can basis if you cannot afford the full fee.
Payment options:
All inclusive Garden Pass: $200 includes all activities May through August.
May 22 Planting Ceremony – Only: $30/family
May only: $75
June only: $75
August only: $75
FREE: Just interested in seed fostering and the Annual Harvest Festival? Contact Susan Reese directly

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Pasta and Dumplings and their Ties to 1800s Immigrants!

Fri, June 11th at 4pm
Cost: $10/family or $40/family for all summer cooking classes (or pay-what-you-can).

Join us at Shaker Historical Society for a conversation and brown bag dinner! Join Allison Henline for an engaging evening of pasta making and stories about 1800s immigrants and their foodways. Participants are encouraged to bring along their own dinner to enjoy alongside delicious, home-made pasta and dumplings.

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South Carolina Rice Plantations & Skilled Slave Labor Change the Course of History.

June 17th at 3:30 pm
Cost: FREE, but registration is required.

Have you ever wondered why South Carolina was the first colony to secede from the Union? Did you know that rice, not cotton or tobacco was the commodity that was the Crown Jewel of the British Empire?
Join Debra Quarles, Middle School Librarian and fabulous storyteller, as she presents a talk and conversation on historical implications and narratives. On the site of the Century Garden at The Shaker Historical Society.

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Reading, Writing, and Revelry

Thurs, June 17th
Cost: $20/family per month or $60/family for the summer (or pay-what-you-can).

4-4:45 pm Book Chats for elementary (facilitated by Becky School), middle school (Finding Langston, facilitated by Jill Strainic), and adults (Hunt, Gather, Parent, facilitated by Emily Geier). On site at the Century Garden at The Shaker Historical Society.

4:45-5 pm Storybuilders Playwriting and Performance for any age facilitated by Susan Reese, Grace Wilkinson, and Mia Compton-Engle. Join us to create a collaborative playwriting experience!

Recent Immigrants and Their Stories

Wed, June 30th at 4 pm
Cost: FREE, but registration is required.

Are you new to Shaker and the U.S. or a welcoming neighbor? We’d love to hear from you to share an informal garden side chat about your gardening and culinary cultures (in addition to simply getting to know you). Join us at the Century Garden at The Shaker Historical Society. Please bring a blanket to sit on.

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