Becky School

SF Role:

Becky serves on Story Forum’s Board of Directors, and serves on the Strategic Plan and Governance Committees.

Why SF:

She believes that children are resilient and capable of incredible growth when they feel safe and have a chance to build strong relationships. Story Forum gives kids chances to build trusting and empathic connections with peers and adults, exploring their own strengths and challenges, and finding out that they can be heroes in their own stories.

Current/Past Experiences:

Becky currently works as a School Counselor for Norton City Schools, providing Social/ Emotional Learning, Academic Growth Guidance, College & Career Exploration, and helps create accommodations for students with disabilities and interventions for students who are in crisis. She also serves as an officer for the Ohio School Counselor Association; researching evidence-based practices and resources and advocating for students and our public schools state-wide. Her areas of specialty include Trauma, Substance Use Disorder Impacts on Families, and Career Technical Education for both College and Career Success. She presents frequently at local and national conferences.


Becky is a Licensed Professional School Counselor with a post-grad certificate in Chemical Dependency Counseling, a College Admissions Specialist, and certified in Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Trauma in Schools. Her master’s degree in education counseling and post-grad certificate are from Cleveland State University, and her bachelor’s degree in chemistry is from Case Western Reserve University.