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We envision a world where people develop the social and emotional resilience to form and sustain healthy relationships.

Our Mission

Story Forum’s mission is to cultivate social and emotional resilience in young people through the art of storytelling, which enhances their self- understanding and inspires them to build compassionate, equitable relationships.

Learn By Doing

Through literacy and arts-rich programming, youth use personal narratives as the driving force to explore relationships and develop problem-solving skills, create strong connections while strengthening resilience, and develop a sense of self.

Our Belief

Why learn with us?

We believe all young people…

Need opportunities to voice their stories..
Connect with others through the sharing of their unique story narratives.
Grow through understanding themselves, others, and the diverse world around them.
Benefit most from holistic development where both needs of mind and body are addressed.
Benefit from opportunities to practice and explore social and emotional skills as needs develop.
Thrive from many healthy relationships.

A Word

From Our Board

As a collection of teachers, social workers, parents, and citizens of the world, the Story Forum Board believes that the mission of this program is critical to developing healthy social and emotional skills in a safe and supportive environment. Ultimately, we are our stories, and we become our stories.

Be part of our story today! We need your engagement, your voices, and your financial support to make our programs available to any and all children across socioeconomic status.

– Petra Moran

President, Board of Directors

I loved Story Forum Camp, we did plays, and wrote books; we even made piñatas! Story Forum Camp was about having fun; I made so many new friends there, and we learned so much; it was the best camp I’ve ever gone to! IT WAS TERRIFIC, AWESOME, AMAZING, WONDERFUL!

Milla, age 9

Two weeks at Story Forum camp was the highlight of my girls’ summer! The Story Forum Summer Camp really allowed my girls to express themselves through art and drama. It was so much fun that they kept begging to sign up for another week. One of my girls attended 3 weeks and asked if it could be a sleepover camp next year!

Karen Gainford

Teacher & Parent, Shaker Heights Schools

“Guess what I liked best? You know that blow paint monster thingy? I just loved that! I made a friend, Tess, and there was one boy I loved, too; and Miss Marjorie and Miss Susan I liked!”

Burke, almost 5

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